One Year On, Young Racer Still Tearing Up Asphalt

Starting with one car a little more than a year ago, Bobby Klein, now 7 years old, has been on the move in the .25 midget (quarter midget) community.

When Bobby first began racing, in May 2014 at 5 years old, he had one car, and a few months later, one sponsor. In just a little over a year, Klein has risen in terms of sponsorship, races and cars.

Meet the Next Jeff Gordon: Levittown's Bobby Klein, Age 5

Bobby Klein is starting his career early. The 5-year-old Levittown resident is on his way to becoming a race car driver. 

Bobby, a home-schooler, races in what's called a quarter midget racer, which is specially designed for young racers between 5 and 16 years old. 

 Bobby on Fox News 29 Philly 

Little Boy Wants to be Next Racing Superstar

Six-year-old Bobby Klein is a unique individual in the Levittown area. Bobby is a .25 Midget (quarter midget) race car driver from Levittown.

Since May, when Bobby made his racing debut, Bobby has raced a total of 10 times, each time finishing in the top three. Bobby has made three first place finishes, three second place finishes, and four third place finishes.

The Drive at Five

Bobby Klein is a kid on the go.

The 5-year-old raced from the front door to the table with his trophies. He raced to the couch, where he used Matchbox cars to explain his driving technique. He raced outside to climb in his car, then back inside to get his gear and back out wearing his uniform and helmet.